ILKESPORT is the premier provider of tire recycling products in Turkey. With innovative tools, technologies and processes, scrap tyres are separated into their basic components: rubber powder and granulate, steel and textile. The end products are uniform and clean and therefore very well suited for high quality substitution applications, such as asphalt and bitumen modification, which makes roads stronger and longer lasting. This leads to saved maintenance costs and less time spent on repair works. Various mesh sizes of crumb rubber become the ideal raw material for a wide variety of applications, including molded rubber goods and adhesives.

Recycled rubber granulate is also being used as high-quality infill material for artificial turf pitches. The use of artificial turf is highly recommended by international soccer organizations such as FIFA, since it helps the development of football in all parts of the world and provides the opportunity for players to play all year round at low maintenance costs.

An athletic field requires approximately 125 tons of crumb rubber – about 20,000 tires.

Specially designed infill with dust free rubber granules prevent “flyout”, “splashing”, and migration of the base so that traction, drainage and shock absorption are maximized.